Organist/Pianist Job Description

South Hills Christian Church is seeking a part-time organist/pianist. SHCC is situated in the South Hills neighborhood in Fort Worth and seeks to serve our neighborhood and the larger community in many ways. Music plays a key role in our worship experience and a variety of musical variation is important to us as a community. In general, minimum required hours for a week as organist/pianist would include two Sunday morning worship services and choir rehearsal on Thursday evenings. One Sunday in each month, the organist/pianist is not required for worship services. The organist/pianist will not be required for choir rehearsal during 1 month in the summer when SHCC choir takes a break.

Role: The organist/pianist shall serve as the musical accompanist that ties together the elements of worship. They will function as part of the worship leadership team.  They will accompany congregational singing, choir and soloist rehearsals and performances.  They may be called upon for weddings, funerals, and other events.

Skills Required:

  • Play the piano and/or organ proficiently
  • Be able to play a variety of musical styles
  • Have a knowledge of church music and other appropriate repertoire for church services
  • Be able to accompany soloists and choirs
  • Be able to sight-read music


Experience: Previous experience as a congregational accompanist preferred, but not required.


To apply for the position: Submit a resume to the South Hills Christian Church personnel committee at