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Worship at 8:30am & 10:50am / Learning Opportunities at 9:45am

*Worship Services are October 1, 8, 15, 22*

Sunday October 29-Fifth Sunday Service projects 9am, Worship Service 11am

Who we are

South Hills is a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) community who believes God is calling us to demonstrate true community and deep spirituality through seeking wisdom, and embodying forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, generosity and hope. 

South Hills Christian Church has a strong commitment to our community. We believe all ministry is working together, in community, and being in relationship with all peoples. This ministry takes shape in many different ways whether it's through worship and learning opportunities to help deepen our spiritual life or coming together to serve those around us.

Announcing the New Regional Minister

of the Christian Church in the South West Region! 

News from the Regional Moderator:

On August 19, 2017, the CCSW Regional Council received a report from the CCSW Regional Minister Search Committee. We believe that we have found the person God is calling to be our new Regional Minister and after prayerful consideration of the committee’s report, the Regional Council cast a unanimous vote to extend a call to Dr. Andy W. Mangum to be the Regional Minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest.

Please see Rev. Dr. Mangum’s biography here.

His service as Regional Minister will begin on or before November 1, 2017.

Please pray for our new Regional Minister and all of the ministries of the Southwest Region.


The Regional Council thanks the members of the Search Committee for their dedication and hard work. The members are: Jeff Billings, Sue Cobb, Dottie Cook, Olin Fregia, Arthur Stewart, Hector Velasquez, Bob Williams and Tasha York.

Moderador Regional ICSW Actualizar a la Region:

El 19 de agosto del 2017, el Consejo Regional de la Region del Suroeste recibió un reporte del Comité de Búsqueda. Nosotros creemos que hemos encontrado la persona que Dios a llamado a ser nuestro nuevo Ministro Regional. Después de considerar en oracion el reporte del Comité de Búsqueda, el Consejo Regional aprobó con un voto unánime extender un llamado al Dr. Andy W. Mangum para ser el Ministro Regional para la Iglesia Cristiana (Discípulo de Cristo) en el Suroeste.

Rev. Dr. Mangum’s biografía here.

Su servicio como Ministro Regional comenzara en o antes de el 1 de noviembre del 2017.

Por favor oremos por nuestro nuevo Ministro Regional y por todos los ministerios de la Region del Suroeste.

El Consejo Regional agradece al Comité de Búsqueda por su dedicación y su arduo trabajo. Los miembros son: Jeff Billings; Sue Cobb; Dottie Cook; Olin Fregia;
Arthur Stewart; Hector M Velazquez; Bob Williams; y Tasha York.


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