Cook’s Corner September 1, 2017

In the last months, the United States has been seen by the world at our worst and at our best. Shootings at baseball practice, marches with Nazi ags and other symbols and language of hate. Fear and evil united to ooze forth and become embodied, and we are forever changed. Then wind and water united with such strength that our state and neighbors are forever changed.

One change we can and must control. We cannot allow fear and hate to de ne who we are as individuals and as a nation. We struggle with how to combat something that is unthinkable to most. To see another human being as less than human, to dare to proclaim that true freedom and greatness come at a price others must pay, seems absurd and yet it exists.

One change must de ne us. The response to Hurricane Harvey is our nation at its best. All living creatures viewed as important to be rescued and protected. Self sacri ce, even in the face of risking one’s own life, so a stranger might be safe. Pantries emptied and shared so others might eat, drink clean water, have shelter and dry clothes. These are signs of true freedom and true greatness. The outpouring of help, without question of the quali cations of the recipient, speaks volumes about the givers.

We cannot be naïve about what is happening in our nation – for good and for ill. We can show the world what is possible when people work together for the common good. As people of faith, who follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, we ground all our actions, our words and our thoughts in prayer and in care for all.

Grace and Peace,


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