Cook’s Corner May 1, 2017

This time in the church calendar is such a mixture of highs and lows. Palm Sunday is a great high, then quickly comes the most difficult days, then the amazing day of Resurrection and then fear and wonder and soon, we know, to be followed by the coming of the Holy Spirit in the experience of Pentecost.

The time between Easter and Pentecost is 50 days. These mark the days the disciples were trying to piece together resurrection encounters with Jesus, hearing reports from all over about a risen Jesus, hiding from the authorities and struggling to decide what they should do next. Do we go home and remember Jesus or go forward with ministry in his name?

Though our 50 days are filled with questions very different from those of the disciples, there are some similarities. Like the disciples, we can listen for resurrection stories around us. In the last two weeks, I have seen resurrection in the life of candidates for ministry. I have heard stories of new life in the midst of family turmoil. Resurrection has come in the announcement of a new job in a time of uncertainty and I know the list will continue to grow.

It is a matter, I think, of tuning our ears to resurrection. Resurrection stories, like the ones I have encountered are often hard to find. We tend to set our minds like our weather radios. Our alerts are set to tornado warnings (an important thing), not to beautiful day alerts. Resurrection doesn’t look the same for everyone. It fits our lives and our stories. The similarity comes when we look for new life in places that were once desert. When love fills a void that once was ripe with pain. When we hear a glimmer of hope in a voice, once edgy with fear. Those are ripples of resurrection that we encounter each day.

May we tune our ears and hearts to 50 days of Easter. Christ is Risen. Alleluia! Amen.

Grace and Peace,


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