Cook’s Corner March 1, 2017

It seems a bit odd to say, but I am very excited about our 2017 Lenten Journey with the theme of intersections. How many intersections do we encounter each day? Some of them are difficult moments, painful even, while others we hardly recognize that we have made a choice.

The lectionary texts over the past weeks and for our Lenten season have challenged us to hear God’s word in new and familiar ways. There has been a timeliness that has surprised, both congregation and preachers. They have been for me a clear reminder that scripture is a living text and, when we allow it, can speak to our lives 1000s of years after it was spoken and penned.

I am excited about our Wednesday night speakers and topics for these are opportunities to learn first hand about everything from healthy cooking to current work with refugees to thinking about our understanding of spirit and life and abundant life.

Perhaps, I am most excited and thankful for the discussion/learnings about how to listen to each other and have conversation in this divisive time in our world. Members of our congregation whose political expressions and experiences differ greatly have worked together giving much prayerful thought, time and reflection to exploring this work with the church. All agree that people are too complex to be defined by one word and that we need safe places to listen and to share. Our focus that evening will be to heighten our awareness to our own perspectives and explore ways to have conversations. I think this is an important opportunity for the church do what we do best – help each of us to shape our lives so we can live faithfully in the world.

Each important journey of faith begins with listening. Let us listen to God as we encounter the intersections of our lives.

Grace and Peace,


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